Veterinary Clinic Dikketje DAP


Our veterinary clinic in Eindhoven provides optimal care for your pet animal. Naturally you are looking for a veterinary clinic that takes truly good care of your beloved pet. It is already difficult enough for your dog, cat or other animal to be feeling ill. You want to be sure that your pet is good hands and is provided with the best of care.

Only the best is good enough for your animal

We at Dikketje DAP have a team of dedicated and experienced vets and vet nurses providing professional care for companion animals. We do everything to make sure your pet feels better as soon as possible and we of course keep in check how your faithful companion is doing after treatment.

We provide veterinary care for customers in the Eindhoven region. Since animals do not wait for a convenient moment to become sick, we have extended opening hours, so we can help as many pets as possible. Of course you are also welcome at our clinic for regular health checks and vaccinations. In case you animal needs emergency veterinary care outside our opening hours, please call the Evidensia Dierenziekenhuis Zuidoost-Brabant on 040 - 303 51 53.

Rabbit friendly vet

Besides dogs and cats, we also provide rabbits with excellent care. We have years of experience treating pet rabbits and we are the vets of a rabbit shelter in Eindhoven and spent hours of training to keep up to date on rabbit care. You are welcome for different treatments for your rabbit; vaccinations, health checks, dental treatments, nail trimming etc.

Birds and reptiles are also welcome at our clinic, they are treated by our vet Ninke.
It is best to call us to make an appointment for these animals instead of using our online booking option.

Dental treatments

Dental disease is fairly common in our patients; dogs and cats as well as rabbits and rodents often suffer from a variety of dental disorders. We have specialized dental equipment (incl. a dental x-ray machine) and knowledge to take care of your pets teeth, we do dental treatments on a daily basis. If you think your pet might have dental problems (smelly breath for instance) make an appointment with one of the vets to take a closer look at your companions teeth.

Make sure your animal gets the best possible care! Get in touch with our clinic to make an appointment for a visit.